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The Secret to Finding Your Magic Again

This free PDF will show you how to reframe those words, find your magic, face those limiting beliefs, and create affirmations that work FOR YOU!

What they have to Say...

Amber Dancy, Online Business Coach

Amber Dancy

Intuitive Business Coach

It’s hard to realize how many limiting beliefs we walk around with every day. This exercise is a great reminder on how adjust those thoughts into positive affirmations.

Christina Schreiner

Christina Schreiner

Virtual Assistant

It is very easy to “lose your magic” when you’re a business owner, but with the right set of tools and affirmations, you can switch your mindset and your outlook. This freebie did just that for me! As a virtual assistant/business owner I sometimes tend to only look for the negatives in my business, but what I forget to do is create a more positive environment for myself, I.e. affirmations and a bad ass playlist to reset my mood and mindset.  Loveeee this freebie and the work that Stephanie provides. 

Emily LaPrairie


So much of how our life ends up is due to what we believe. The suggestions in Find Your Magic are perfect for turning those beliefs around and beginning the process of manifesting what you truly desire! Thank you Stephanie!!

It's time to find your magic...

It’s time to transform your life and tap into your endless potential. Find your magic that you thought was lost!

Your words, thoughts, and actions create your reality. So, let’s do a daily deep-dive into the way you speak to and think about yourself.

Create Your Own Affirmations

Affirmations work best when you have a personal connection to them. When you can feel them in your gut that is when they will work best!

Start Reshaping How You Think

Learn how to change your old, negative way of thinking and turn your negative thoughts into positive affirmations.

Find Yourself Again

So often we find ourselves giving our power away to those that do not deserve our precious energy. When you write personalized affirmations you start to gain back that power you fell that you lost.

Be Free of Your Mindset Prison

Before we start our self development journeys, we find ourselves stuck in a loops of despair. By creating your own affirmations you are taking one step closer out of the prison your mind has created for you. 

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