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This 12 month group coaching program and Community was built specifically for service providers who are ready to get clear about their offer, attract aligned clients, and make more money doing exactly what they LOVE!

Get the support you need to build your confidence as an online business owner and share your brand of “magic” with the world!

During Our Time Together We Will:

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Weekly group coaching calls:

Get your weekly dose of expert magic tailored to help you break through those "mind forks," grow a business you're obsessed with, and build incredible high-vibe business relationships. 

24/7 Co-working space

Working from home can sometimes get a little lonely. And let's be honest, Goddess... you are probably working at all hours of the day and night because your brain just functions that way. Trust us, we get it. That's why we created the 24/7 Co-working space! No matter the time of day, one of our Goddesses is probably up working and would love some quiet company.

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Magical goddess coaching calls

In order to attract aligned clients, you have to be authentically YOU! That's why, each month, you'll learn how to find your brand style and voice with our branding and copy experts. Go over your deliverables and make sure you are marketing to  YOUR target audience. 

Exclusive Community

Just because you are building a business of your own doesn't mean you have to do it alone! With our Private Facebook Group and Chat Pod, you'll find all the support you need as you navigate the different phases of your business. 

Dazzling Bonuses

When you become a member of the "In Your Element" Mastermind, you'll also get instant access to these incredible resources to help you tap into your "woo" to WOW your clients. 

Intuitive Alignment Session - 30 minute 1:1 session to pinpoint where your business could use the most help and create a strategy to start your journey.

Boss Bish Affirmations - Receive access to the hit Boss Bish Affirmations Digital Cards for FREE

Dubsado Templates - Take advantage of Stephanie's Dubsado Specialist Certification to get access to exclusive templates to streamline your business.  

Guiding You Through The Phases Of Your Business:

New Moon Phase

Let's work together to build the foundations of your business. We'll tackle your systems and understand what you need to have in place to grow!

Waxing Phase

It's time for a corporate detox! We'll be shedding the "do it all" mindset and learning how to set boundaries while attracting your dream clients. 

Full Moon Phase

You've got the magic! This is when you'll truly start to lean into your gifts and see just how quickly you can grow by doing what you love. 

Waning Phase

The limit does not exist. Now is your time to expand your empire by learning how to grow a team!

In Your Element is for YOU if...

💫 You are a service provider ready to make a difference in the world.

💫 You have an established business, but you know you are ready for the next step in this magical journey of entrepreneurship.

💫 You are ready to start working with aligned clients that appreciate your gifts.  

💫 You aren't afraid to roll up your sleeves and do the work to bring your vision to life! 

We’ll Set You Up for Success, But You Don’t Have to Take MY Word For It!

Let’s face it! There are a lot of courses out there that promise life-changing results (maybe you’ve even invested in a few of them before), but leave you feeling less than satisfied.

That’s exactly why I created this Mastermind. I know what that feeling is like and I wanted to find a way to help other service-based business owners succeed with ease.

The blend of Group Coaching, Self-Paced Courses, and an Interactive, Supportive Community is unlike anything out there - and because of this unique approach, we’ve been seeing some incredible testimonials from our Members.

Go ahead, check them out here!

Kim E. Parkinson
KP Creative Media
Podcast Producer & Strategist
Amber Dancy
Hidden Path
Intuitive Business Coach 

Obviously, results vary based on your own individual efforts but we give you everything you need to hit the ground running and start building the empire of your dreams. So, are you ready to take action? 

It’s Time to Ditch the Limiting Beliefs and Accept Your “Awesome”!

You are an incredible business owner and you deserve to:

Do the things that light you up inside!
Feel confident in your abilities and the value you provide!
Make more money!                                                
Work with soul-aligned clients who appreciate what you do!
Feel magical in an "oversaturated" market!              

So, what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to hop off that fence (it doesn’t look too comfortable) and start creating a business and life that you are obsessed with?

All it takes is consistency, dedication, and confidence to become a badass business owner.

And that is what you’ll embody once you implement all the resources and support that are at your fingertips inside of the “In Your Element” Mastermind.

It’s time to become the go-to in your industry so you can share your magic, help more clients, make MORE money, and find the freedom you’ve been dreaming of!